Voicethread: How do you use it with your students?

Just a quick post - how do you use VoiceThread with your classes? Please leave your suggestions and help me demonstrate to my colleagues how this web 2.0 resource works. :)


  1. What I usually do is find a fun picture with caption and let the studdents voice comment on it then when I see them in class I correct their mistake. VT also make my students more confident when speaking because the know someone else might hear them.

  2. Sorry for the misspellings, typing from my iphone.

  3. I used it for digital storytelling with very young learners last year. (http://inspireyourlearners.blogspot.com/2011/03/our-very-own-superhero.html) We created a story about a superhero and drew the pictures, which I uploaded to VT. The children each had a line to say which told the basic story. This activity could become much more sophisticated with older learners and could be done as a project with the kids working in groups, if you have the facilities.

    VT can also be great for stds to practise Cambridge Main Suite speaking tasks at home, which you can then leave feedback on.

    I've just realised I probably should have used VT to share this information!

  4. Finally, a video comment for ya!

  5. I use it to collaboratively analyse political cartoons. I give them some hints - history specific skills to prompt like 'which elements might show a certain perspective?' Etc. but the great thing is the students can explain verbally while drawing on the cartoon to further demonstrate their understanding. The students really peer tutor each other using VT.


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