About this blog

This blog has kind of developed a life of its own since I made my first post in April 2010. I started blogging after doing a unit on blogs as part of my MA course and at first, I thought I'd just write about thoughts, reflections and question prompted by my studies. Had I continued on that path, I probably would have stopped writing a long time ago!

It was after I got involved on Twitter that I started to think about a direction for this blog. I got advice to write about my MA studies but for an external audience, who may be thinking about making a similar career move. I did this for a while but once the 2010/11 school year came round I thought 'why not blog about what I do in class?' As I started to do more presentations and workshops, I blogged about those as well.

So if you ask "what is this blog about?", there's no clear cut answer beyond that it is about the reflections of a teacher and learner! At times, I reflect on my teaching, at times I share lesson ideas, other times I blog about my MA, or conferneces, or general thoughts on education or.... you get the idea!

One thing I will say though is that blogging has become the single most powerful tool in my self-development as a teacher. It's a great way to reflect, learn, share and grow - if you don't blog already, you should!

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If you would like to write a guest post for my blog (either as part of the 'Teachers in Turkey' series or a regular guest post, please email me. Likewise, if you'd like me to do a guest post for you, get in touch.