Guest Posts & Interviews

Blogging and social media have opened up a great deal of connections and interactions that have really enhanced my development as a teacher. This blog is my online 'home' but I also get out and about around the web writing articles, guest posts, reviews, contributing to interviews, and more.

Some of the highlights are featured slightly further down this page. If you would like me to write a guest post for you, please contact me via this page's comments or on Twitter (@DaveDodgson). Likewise, if you work in ELT or education and have something to say (but not a product to sell or mention/link to multiple times!) please get in touch.

It was a pleasure to be in attendance at the IATEFL 2015 conference in Manchester and an honour to be an official roving reporter and registered blogger.

You can see a collection of my reports and blog posts on Flipboard or on Pinterest.

You can also watch my interview for IATEFL Online here:

British Council Teaching English Blogging Associate

I am very proud to be a writer for Teaching English, one of the most comprehensive and most popular sites for English language teachers in the world. Each month, we are invited to write on given topics and you can find my contributions here: Dave Dodgson's posts

You should also check out all of the Teaching English Associates - a lot of people worth reading!

iTDi Associate

I also contribute to the iTDi blog as part of their 'special issues'. Again,they feature a great team of bloggers from around the world and it isan honour to share the same virtual space with them. You can find my iTDi posts here and this is the link to the iTDi blog itself.

Here are some other guest posts I have written for different websites and blogs:

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