Presentations & Workshops

Kicking Assessment: Multiple Choices about Language, Learning, Teaching, and Testing
Presentation given as part of the TOBELTA 2015 Webconference
Links - YouTube recording of the session

I Have Critical moments for Breakfast!
Keynote talk given as part of the #30goals online conference
Links - YouTube recording of the session

Digital Game-based Learning: Can you escape?
Presentation given as part of the LTSIG PCE 'Technology in Action' Afternoon Showcase at the University of Manchester (April, 2015)

Multiple Choices: Learning, Teaching, and Testing in the Language Classroom
Webinar for Teaching English (April, 2015)
Link - Session summary and archived recording 


Raise Your Game: Game-based language learning
Webinar as part of the iTDi Summer School MOOC
CTS Primary Skills Teacher Training Course
Week-long training course in Almaty, Kazahkstan

Breaking the Learning Blocks: Minecraft and Language Learning
Webinar delivered at VRT2014 and RSCON5
Links - Archived recording of the RSCON5 session 


Classroom Management with Young Learners/ Don't Just Fill the Gaps, Explore the Space
Presentations for INGED/British Council Turkey at

Using Games to Engage, Motivate, and Educate Young Learners

Feedback and Error Correciton with Web 2.0 Tools
Presentation given at the INGED AGM in Ankara, Turkey

ELT Sandbox - Promoting language learning through gaming
Webinar for RSCON4


Making Connections - Classroom Management with Young Learners
Webinar for Teaching English 

"Don't Just Fill the Gaps - Explore the Space"
Workshop given as part of the 11th METU ELT Convention 'Embracing Challenges', Ankara, Turkey (May 31st-June 2nd)
Links - My video review of the session

"TED Professional Development Day"
A series of workshops given at TED Karabük to an audience of teachers from various state schools in Karabük, Turkey (May 12th)
The topics covered were feedback and error correction, encouraging creativity from students and how to build an online Personal Learning Network for language teachers.

"Making Exam Prep Child's Play: Dogme-inspired ideas for children taking tests"
Workshop session given at the 5th International TED ELT Conference 'Empowering the Learner: Linking Assessment to Learning', Istanbul, Turkey (March 24th-25th)
Links - 'Lessons on the Fly' blog post series to accompany the ideas discussed in the workshop

"Digital Storytelling for Young Learners"
5 week online workshop co-moderated with Shelly Terrell, Barbara Sakamoto, Özge Karaoğlu, Esra Girigin, Jennifer Verschoor and Michelle Worgan as part of the 2012 Electronic Village Online (EVO) event (Jan 9th-Feb 15th)


Written Feedback and Error Correction for Young Learners
American TESOL Free Friday Webinar

"No Code: Written Feedback and Error Correction in the Language Classroom"
 Online presentation given as part of the Reform Symposium (July 29th-31st)
Links - Video preview of my session | Blog post reviewing my session & the event | My slideshow |
Archived recording of the session

"Professional Devlopment Beyond Conference Walls"
 Workshop given at the 4th Annual TED ELT Conference 'English Beyond the Walls', Samsun, Turkey (April 16th)
Links - My blog post reflecting on the session | Prezi used during the session | Digital handout

"Getting Feedback and Error Correction Write Right"
 Workshop given at the İSTEK Schools 2nd International ELT Conference, Istanbul, Turkey (April 2nd-3rd)
Links - My blog post about the workshop | My slideshow | My blog post reflecting on the conference

 "Not Just a Pretty Cloud: Using Wordle in the Language Classroom"
Online presentation given as part of the 4th Virtual Round Table Conference (March 25th-27th)
Links - My blog post reviewing the session | My slideshow | Digital handout | Archived recording of the presentation


"Directing Young Learners Towards Effective Self-Assessment" 
Online presentation given at the Global Education Conference (November 15th-19th)
Links - My blog post reviewing the event | My slideshow from the session | Archived recording

"My English is EXCELLENT!! - Directing Young Learners Towards Effective Self-Assessment"
Presentation given at the 3rd TED ELT Conference 'The Art of Learning: Critical Thinking in ELT', Aliağa, Turkey (April 17th, 2010)
Links - My blog post reviewing the event | Prezi used during the session


"Effectively Engaging Young Learners with Powerpoint"
Workshop given at the 2nd TED ELT Conference 'ICT in ELT', Bursa, Turkey (April 18th, 2010)