An #FF Tribute for @gret and her post ‘Dear Class…’

Last week, you may have noticed Tyson Seburn tweeting his  #FF recommendations in a slightly different way, on the hour (more or less) and individualised rather than a long list of names. He subsequently explained on his blog that he felt in this way his picks were more considered, meaningful and noticeable and this is something I have been trying to follow this week.

A few days later, Tara Benwell wrote a guest post on Tyson’s blog describing how she honours a member of the ELT blogging/Twitter community each Friday by highlighting a post from their archives with a summary and a recommendation to read it (you can see all the posts in the series here). She challenged her PLN to do the same and, always a sucker for a blog challenge, I decided to join in.

Of course, choosing a post from the thousands of wonderful ones out there isn’t easy! Rather than actively going out and searching for one (which would have led to too much time spent narrowing the field down), I thought I would let it come to me based on whatever was on my mind in the days running up to today and the choice presented itself to me literally moments ago:

Dear Class… from Greta Sandler’s blog About a Teacher

Why ‘Dear Class…’?
This is a really heartfelt post Greta wrote last December at the end of the school year in Argentina. It is written in the style of an open letter to the class she had just taught for the last time before they went on their summer holidays. This one came to my mind as today was the last day of the teaching year for me in Turkey and I said goodbye to a lot of students today. There were very touching moments and, while it was sad to see them go, the memories of today and this school year will stay with me for a long time. Greta’s post really sums all of that up beautifully.

Why Greta?
Another reason for making this special tribute to Greta was that just this week she returned to blogging for the first time in several months. Her posts are always a worthwhile read and really convey her passion and dedication as a teacher so this is to welcome her back. Also, Greta is a teacher I really admire and value in my PLN and I respect her highly as a teacher of young learners. We also have another connection beyond the age group we teach and that is a love for football and the best team in Argentina, San Lorenzo!


  1. Wow Dave! Thanks so much for this tribute. It means so much coming from you.
    End of school year can be really moving. I'm pretty sure you've made a difference for all of your students. You're a wonderful educator and one of my favorite people in my PLN.
    I've missed blogging! I've been through some crazy time. Luckily, things are getting back to normal and I'll be sharing more stories soon.
    Thanks for your constant support and encouragement.

  2. Glad to catch some of Gret's quality blogging as I've rarely been tweeted that way ;-) Thanks Dave n Greta :)

  3. Greta reminds me of Mother Teresa (without the wrinkles).

  4. I loved this post too! Greta is such an inspiration. Every young learner deserves to a "Greta-teacher" at least once in their lives! Thanks for joining in Dave!


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