Taking a walk in the learners' shoes - A chewy toffee guest post for a Box of Chocolates

One of my favourite blogs to read and comment on is Cecilia Coelho's Box of Chocolates. It's always full of good ideas, insightful reflections and thought-provoking questions. So, when I jokingly challenged Cecilia to a bet with the loser writing a guest post for the other person, I had no problem with getting beat and contributing to her great blog. However, just to be a bit awkward, I decided to pick a topic I knew we didn't 100% agree on - an unexpectedly chewy toffee in her otherwise delicious collection of ELT soft centres. ;)

So I suggest you head over to Cecilia's blog and read the post (complete with a somewhat oversize picture of yours truly staring out from the page at you!) While you're there, be sure to check out some of her other fantastic posts! Just click on the clipped image below:


  1. You are too kind to me Dave, thank you :-) Thank you for being a guest on my blog - it was a great honor, since you are one of my favorite blogs to read and find inspiration in.

    And now I know why the increased traffic on my blog ;-P

  2. Your metaphors make me laugh, Dave! I especially like this chewy toffee one! Going over now to read your post :)

  3. Hi Cecilia,

    My pleasure! Guest blogging/collaboration is always productive. :)

    Hi Michelle,

    The 'box of chocolates' concept isn't quite the same in Turkey (always pure chocolate here rather than a mix of ones with different fillings) so it's always a laugh when I bring a box over from the UK and someone delights in the strawberry creams, caramel centres etc and then literally gets stuck with a hard chocolate coated toffee! That's where the inspiration for the title came from ;)


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