My 2 Minute EdTech Talk

I like to keep myself busy and today I’m happy to announce another appearance as a ‘guest’ on a blog. This time, I was interviewed for SimpleK12’s 2 Minute EdTech Talk series, sharing some of my ideas for using Wordle in the classroom. Here’s the link:

6 ways to use Wordle in the classroom (video)

It was great to have the chance to share my ideas with a different audience and I also enjoyed my first experience of using Wetoku, a great tool for recording split-screen webcam interviews.

A big thank you to Kimberly Warner for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this series and for doing the interview as well as guiding me through the process so well. Sorry though that I turned it into a 5 Minute EdTech Talk! Smile with tongue out

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You can find out more about the 2 Minute EdTech talk series and SimpleK12 through these links:

I Heart EdTech – SimpleK12’s blog

Talk back to the EdTech pros – a summary of all the interviews in the series with a chance to ask further questions of the ‘pros’ including myself!

SimpleK12’s Wetoku Channel – you can find all of the recorded interviews here.

On Twitter: @SimpleK12, @SimpleCEO & @EdTechUNcon


  1. well done Dave :O)

  2. Thanks Ed(Ed Russell from the MA course?)

  3. Nice activities. I think you'll like that link I gave you in the other comment.


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