Dogme Blog Challenge No. 5–Sharing my voice with Cecilia

Recently, I decided to join in with Karenne Slyvester’s on-going Dogme Blog Challenge with a video response of me airing my thoughts on being materials light. It was fun to make and something different to do and, over on Twitter, one of my favourite PLN buddies, Cecilia Coelho gave me some good feedback which led to us discussing how/if we could have a video conversation for a future post. The perfect opportunity came up straightaway as Dogme Blog Challenge No. 5 rolled up with the topic being ‘voice’. What better way to answer than by combining our voices in conversation over on Wetoku?

Below you can see the result. It was a productive chat and, except for a little bit of audio lag and my cat constantly scratching and fidgeting around my feet, it all went smoothly. Hope you enjoy it! (Be warned though that it is slightly on the long side as time flew by quicker than we realised!)

If you have any questions for either (or both of us), post them in the comments section and we’ll do our best to get back to you.

So thanks again to Cecilia – always a pleasure to collaborate with you. Hope to do it again soon!
If you are not doing so already, follow @cecilialcoelho on Twitter and check out her blog, Box of Chocolates, where you’ll also find a cross-posting of this video! Cecilia says her blog got its title because ‘you never know what you’re going to get’ but that’s not exactly true as you know you’re going to get well-written, insightful and though-provoking posts. Thumbs up

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    1. Hi Dave,
      I've just left a comment for both of you on Cecilia's blog posted it first!) but I would just like to say thank you for sharing your voice with us :)

    2. Thanks Michelle. I have also replied to your comment on Cecilia's blog (as you posted there first ;))

    3. Wow! Loved seeing you both talk to each other! I thought you had some great thoughts on voice and yes students need to be able to express themselves which is difficult when learning a language.

    4. Great stuff! I've been waiting to watch your video all day! Must have been Internet Explorer and lack of Flash at work. Needless to say, very much worth the wait =)

      I'd add that it's not just a matter of age that means students don't know exactly what they want or need - I've taught 30, 40, 50 yr olds who have no idea. I think this one thing is one of, if not the biggest, main challenges of being a teacher, whatever age you teach!


    5. Hi Dave and Cecilia!

      Amazing idea, great ideas and opinions! Loved this video-blogpost.

      So many ideas waiting to be tried out and great images of your classes.Your students are so lucky to have you both as teachers!

      I am sending it to all my colleagues right away : )))

      Many many thanks,

    6. Thanks for the comments guys!

      Shelly - nice to see you here (as always). Self-expression and effective communication by my students are two of my main goals as a language teacher. Difficult but worth the effort from all sides!

      Mike - Glad you got to watch it finally! Agreed the older students don't necessarily know what they want/need but I do think they are more likely to know (or be guided to knowing) than kids. They just want to have fun!

      Vicky - Thanks for spreading the word. Glad you found our chat to be insightful :)

    7. Hi Dave,

      Going to use your blog to answer some comments ok? So excuse me, but I'm making myself right at home here... thanks Dave!

      Shelly - Thx for your comments here and on my blog :-) I've replied to you there, ok?

      Mike - I also agree with you. Helping the students discover their own interests can be very challenging (and stressing at times!), but in my experience I have seen that adults usually have a better idea of what they want / know.

      Vicky - Thanks for your kind comments :-) Really happy you enjoyed it. I would love to do something in collaboration with you. What do you think? ;-)

    8. Hey Cecilia,

      You know you don't have to ask. Come on in, make yourself at home. You know where the spare key is hidden and that the big comfy chair is yours. :)

      Anything else you need, just ask!


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