Keeping myself busy

With a great feeling of relief, if not satisfaction, I submitted my final MA assignment for the 2010-11 academic year this morning. Fingers crossed I’ll get good feedback on the two papers I’ve written. Ironically (or should it be coincidentally?), the topic of these papers that kept me away from this blog and quiet online generally were about blogging and establishing social presence online!

Anyway, I now have plenty of time to get this blog back up on its feet (after all, one thing I covered in both assignments was the need to regularly post to remain ‘visible’ online). I have a half-finished post on final preparations for the Wizard of Oz show to round off, a review of the shows themselves and a few other thoughts on recent debates I’ve observed from afar.

And yet, as some of the more observant of you may have noticed, I haven’t actually been that inactive online. Guest posts, blog carnivals and reviews with my name on have popped up here and there so here’s a quick self-promotional plug with some links to follow:

Guest posts

I was delighted to get the chance to do these guest posts for the OUP Global ELT blog. Look out for Parts 3 & 4 coming soon!

Since I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve got a lot of great ideas for working with kids from Shelly Terrell so it was great to give something back by guest posting on her blog, Teacher Reboot Camp.

I always enjoy guest posts - they offer a great way to explore ideas from a different perspective for a different audience - so, if you want a guest writer for your blog or would like to be a guest here, just let me know!

Blog Carnival

Shelly hosted the 23rd Edition of the blog carnival recently with the theme of Young Learners so, of course, I contributed a post. It was a honour to be included with so many great posts from great bloggers and Shelly did a great job hosting it. Her video mash-up of the blog contributors got a lot of attention - check it out below:

You can link to each post by clicking on the video! Thanks for showing us this Shelly.

Book reviews

And finally, I’ve done a couple of reviews. The above one was a review of non-fiction readers for kids for I have also reviewed Nicky Hockly and Lindsay Clandfield’s Teaching Online book (well worth a read for anyone interested in online teaching) for the forthcoming Journal of Second Language Teaching & Research.

Anyway, time to write a couple of those pending blog posts! Smile


  1. Congrats on the MA submissions and welcome back to the net, Dave! Things will only be better with your blog in our regular reading rotation. I'd love to do some reciprocal guest blogging with you.

  2. I think you deserve a beer.

  3. Glad to hear you're back Dave! And I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you - though I'm pretty sure there's no need for that!

  4. Hi Tyson,

    Thanks for the offer. :) We should definitely get it done over the summer.

    Don't worry Adam - I've had plenty since the assignments were handed in. ;)

    Thanks Cecilia. Not sure about these assignemnts but I was also concerned about the last one and got my highest score yet for it so what do I know? =D


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