Dave Posts a Hat-trick! - 3 goals in one for the 30 Goals Challenge

Here I am again with another video blog, this time in response to Shelly Terrell’s 30 Goals Challenge. Once again, time was a factor as it is quicker for me to record myself than type. However, the time I save is taken from you as, of course, it takes longer to listen than to read (assuming you bother to listen to it all that is)! Anyway, I’ve uploaded my response to each challenge as a separate video so you can pick and choose.

(Sorry about the lighting by the way but I had to record late after my son had gone to bed - I really should get a lamp! Also, the start may be a bit quiet so I recommend headphones).

And an extra challenge for you - let’s see more video posts from you ELT bloggers out there!


  1. Dave,

    Love the axle "metaphor". Wow! You need to be my special effects person! Love your hat tricks with the video and also the hat trick of letting your students have a choice. I noticed both you and Sabrina listed collaboration as an important part of learning. I think this is extremely powerful, especially for them to arrive at the answer versus being spoonfed. When students arrive at the answer we also are able to see what they know. If we spoonfeed them then we never really know. Also, agree that it is important to show we are commenting and taking the time to read the assignments they took time to complete. It does show we care and it's just not another assignment. Thank you for these incredible videos and insights. Can't wait for the other ones!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sheely and thanks for being such an inspirational educator and presence in the blogosphere, both in the worlds of general education and ELT. I honestly don't know how you fit it all in!

    Windows Movie Maker makes the 'special effects' possible in just one easy click - one of my favourite programmes!


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