A Different Day in the Life of Another ELT Conference Presenter

I emerged from my dissertation reading for a while this weekend to do a workshop session at the METU ELT Convention right here in Ankara. In a blatant rip-off of Adam Simpson's video diary of his in-out-take-no-casualties visit to the conference two days previously, here’s my thoughts on the day as it unfolded.

Thank you to the conference organisers, especially Zeynep Akşit, for a well-run and informative event (even though I only got to see a day of it) and a big geçmiş olsun to Tony Gurr, who, as I later discovered, was missing due to a broken toe.


  1. Excellent video and thanks for the link to my effort.

    Sometimes it feels like we're destined never to meet... we even failed while attending the same conference!

    I'm glad you also didn't get punched at the end of the session; always a bonus. I'm extremely jealous of your 100-times-shorter-than-mine journey to the event.

    1. Thanks for the idea. :) I'm sure we'll manage a get-together some day - there are more than enough conferences in Turkey for that to happen.

      And as for the journey time, at least your journeys to any events in Istanbul are likely to be much shorter than mine!


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