Introducing myself to my new classes

After a looooooooong summer holiday, the kids finally came back to school today and I got my first taste of the new 4th grade 'conversation' programme. It actually turned out to be a very light first day compared to previous years as my schedule is such this year that I see 5 different classes once each day (in the last few years in 3rd grade, I entered two different classes for 12 hours a week, meaning one class got a 3 hour slog on their first afternoon back). That meant the lesson was over in  no time at all!

As this age group have one more year of English under their belts, I was able to drop the basic greetings and alphabet of past years and get them talking more. After briefly explaining what we would be doing this year ('conversation' includes readers and preparation for the Movers exam it seems!), I introduced myself. I first showed them a Wordle image I created from a paragraph about myself and asked them to predict sentences about me:
Wordle: Introductions

I then presented facts about me using Glogster. However, two of the facts are not true and the students had to guess which ones. Finally, there was just about enough time for them to do the create some true/false sentences about themselves in groups. So come on PLN! Take a look at my glog and guess which facts are not true ;)