Guest blogspot on Teaching Village

Following on from my guest blog post on Prestwick House, I've now had another post published on Teaching Village, Barbara Sakamoto's excellent blog for EFL/ESL teachers.

The post concerns my first love of edtech in the classroom: PowerPoint. I feel it gets a bit of a bad press these days, partly due to the newer, flasier tools appearing through web 2.0 but also due to the number of lessons which are reduced to boring lecture-style slideshow sessions. However, as with any tool, if used appropraitely and effectively, it can be of great benefit for learning and the post discusses some ideas for using slideshows in class along with some examples.

Anyway, you can read the post here. I hope you find it useful.

So thanks again to Barbara (@barbsaka on Twitter) for giving me the chance to appear on her blog and for sorting out all the embedding of examples. Thanks also to Theron Muller (@theronmuller) for putting me in touch with her in the first place.