Reflections in Open Space - My MA Dissertation

No! It's a dissertation on blogs, not a dissertation on d... Nevermind - cute pic!
Since blogging first caught my interest as a reflective platform and self-development tool for teachers, I have written a lot about it: academic assignments, articles for teaching magazines and websites, even blog posts about blogging (most of which are handily collected in this nice Flipboard magazine - Click! Share! Subscribe!)

The most comprehensive piece of writing I have done to date on this topic, however, is my MA dissertation so I thought "why not share that as well?" And here it is - all distinction awarded 16,433 words of it!

If you fancy indulging in a long read, please click on the link below.

And please use the following reference if you wish to share and/or quote it:

Dodgson, P.D. (2012). Reflections in Open Space: The Use of Blogs by Language Teachers as a Platform for Engaging in Critical Reflection (Unpublished master's thesis). University of Manchester, UK


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Title - Connected Development – teacher reflection and online networks

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