The 2017 List

2016 was quite a year (see previous post) and now, inevitably, thoughts turn to the year ahead. Here's a quick list of what I am planning/hoping for in the year ahead:

Career Consolidation

  • After a big move both in career and location terms last time round, I am looking forward to being more settled this year.
  • Now I have learned the ropes at the British Council, I want to exceed expectations in my ICT Coordinator role with a view to moving up the management ladder in the future.
  • I have two big projects to oversee this year - the introduction of an online forum for our adult classes, and training teachers to use iPads. Both big projects with plenty to learn for me and my colleagues.


  • No qualifications or assignments this year!
  • I will, however, still do some courses - MOOCs - just to participate and see what I can learn.
  • January will see the start of the Minecraft EVO course
  • ...and I am also currently working through the edx Video Game Design History MOOC.
  • We will see what else of interest comes up - perhaps a course of my own....


  • I will probably write fewer articles this year - it's useful for my development but time consuming!
  • I have plans to be more active on this blog and on ELT Sandbox - I will not put a number or a frequency on it as that will only be a target to miss but I will make an effort to focus my written work more on my own blogs than the publications of others.
  • E-books? Yeah, I'll write the ones I didn't write last year or the year before! ;)
  • I would like to try my hand at writing a more academic article this year. There are a couple of opportunities coming up and hopefully, I'll get something of a good enough standard submitted in time.


  • IATEFL is coming and I'll be there as a first time presenter - yikes!
  • I have also applied to give a talk at the Bahrain ELT Conference. 
  • I need time for all the above projects so that may be it unless an unmissable event/unrefusable invitation comes along.
Whatever the New Year brings, I'll be reflecting on it here and hope you will join me!