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I'm happy to announce that, having been invited to write a guest blog post for Prestwick House, my piece on building positive relationships with young learners has now been added to the Prestwick Cafe blog. Please follow the link, read and leave your comments. :)

It was through my new favourite toy Twitter that I got in touch with Annie from Prestwick House about the blog, which goes to show how it works as a PLN tool. Thanks to Annie for giving me this opportunity as well as for providing an approachable, friendly face on the web rather than just another corporate promotion tool!

You can follow Prestwick House and Annie on Twitter @prestwickhouse


  1. David, thank you so much again for contributing and for the very flattering cross post!

    Motivating young learners and building a relationship with them is a universal concept that all teachers should share whether their teaching English as a second language, literature, math, or science — and I love that you did such a great job with it. Your writing is very easy to relate to and I'm sure it will be inspiring for both your own readers and ours.

    Thanks again, and please let me know if you'd like to do another post in the future!


  2. Thanks again Annie.

    I'd love to do another post sometime, perhaps once the school year is underway.


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