The VLE may not be dead (yet) but for this one, it's too late!

Oh, the joys of working in a large institution!

About 6 weeks ago, I showed my head of department a website I had been working on as part of an MA assignment ( and asked about putting the theory into practical use by giving my students access to it. It was designed to help them prepare for an end of year show they do in English. I planned to use wikispaces for drafting a poster and embedded Voicethreads for presentation practice, as they are not used to extended talk.

As the weeks passed by, I was told it had to be run by the principal, then the general director and then the school board.... Each stage took forever to pass and then I was told it would all be approved as soon as permission was granted by the parents. By this point, it was too late to get any effective use out of it and I told them not to bother.

However, in such a large school (we have over 3,000 students!), communication rarely works efficiently and today, on the eve of the first show for my kids and the eve of my assessed online presentation for the MA, my head of department excitedly told me permission had finally been granted!! /0\

I mentioned planning ahead in my last post about using the computer lab but I now think precognition would be the only way to get anything done in time....